About us

Classroom Calendars – Helping schools connect with families, businesses and the local community

As part of an Australia wide community initiative Classroom Calendars works with schools and local businesses raising much needed funds and resources and building valuable links within our communities.

Our partnering schools receive financial sponsorship, ongoing annual donations and mini iPads, all to be used at their discretion. So far this initiative has donated over $300,000 and counting in cash donations and resources to schools across Australia.

Additionally, we also provide, FREE customised Event Planners to our schools to help communicate important school event dates and connect to the community. The planners are designed to go on the wall or fridge door so that at a glance, your school families know exactly what is happening each day.

It is through the support of our local businesses that this is all made possible and our schools who have fully embraced this as a community initiative have found that the connections and opportunities that come from it, are invaluable for all involved. 

We regularly receive offers from businesses for further and ongoing assistance. Some of the offers, just to name a few, include ongoing donations for fetes and fundraising events, Cash Back Programs as a result of local purchases and even financial support provided for student scholarships.

Our local businesses are much valued members of the community and their contributions not only provide much needed support and resources for our schools, but also build rewarding and positive relationships for their business within the local community.

Our entire team at Classroom Calendars is committed to supporting and connecting communities across Australia and we would love for you to join us.

Contact our wonderful team at Classroom Calendars Australia by clicking on the Is Your School Eligible? or More Information Please button to find out more.