"It is fantastic to see the community embracing schools and supporting events like this, it serves as a reminder that schools should be 'of' the community and not just 'in' the community."

Eaton Community College, Eaton WA

Much needed support for a really worthy cause.

“Our sponsorship donation will go to our Student Assistance Funding program for needy families, to help cover costs of excursions, uniforms & school activities.”

Calare Public School, Orange NSW

"Thank you for your generous donation to another successful Annual Presentation of Awards at Richmond High School.
It is pleasing to see so many members of the community promoting and rewarding the pursuit of excellence by our students. 

Your combined support is greatly appreciated and has been acknowledged in our Presentation Night Program.
We thank you once again for your consideration and donation towards this event."        

Richmond High School, NSW

"The calendars are highly regarded by our College community – it is an important aspect of our effective communication with parents.”

Jamison High College, NSW

“Classroom Calendars have been a fantastic resource for our College community…. The finished product is professional and clear, with the added advantage of easily accessible local business contacts…I am happy to recommend them to all my colleagues.”

Elizabeth Macarthur High College, NSW

"Elizabeth Macarthur has made great use of the classroom calendars, they have been distributed to all students with a list of the main school activities and functions for the year, which is of great assistance for our community when planning their year, they have a good indication when the major school events are on.

Students are able to plan for their exams and work around other major school events that are on the calendar.

The calendars have also helped the school to build and strengthen its links with local businesses and the community with greater all round involvement, further to this the calendars have also increased the communication between the school and home and parents are also able to see the increase community links that have increased and developed.

Elizabeth Macarthur High School would like to thank Classroom Calenders for their continued support of public education and for the benefits that the calendar has bought to not only the school but the community as a whole, we look forward to continuing our partnership with Classroom Calenders in the future."

Elizabeth Macarthur High School, NSW

Classroom Calendars, has provided Parramatta West Public School a fabulous service. We have been with them for nearly 5 years now.

This year, as part of their sponsorship program, they have donated to our school an ipad mini. The ipad is another useful tool for teaching and learning.

We have allocated this ipad to one of our student who has a muscular disorder. It has helped him record his ideas during writing and using various apps to assist him in his learning. This has motivated him to write and also use the technology to research information on demand. Classroom Calendars has made a valuable contribution to this students learning.

Parramatta West Public School NSW

“We look forward to continuing with the calendars as our community values them.”                                                                                  

The Heights, SA

Classroom Calendars provides a valuable service to our student, parent and staff communities. Their highly practical product encourages time management for students and allows for an effective communication channel between the College and our families. I would highly recommend their product.

Jacob Lowry                                                                                                                                                                                              

Emmaus College Rockhampton, QLD

Moorefield Girls High School donate their Classroom Calendar Sponsorship to WRAP WITH LOVE every year and have been supporting this charity for the past 11 years. The charity makes and supplies warm blankets to many countries around the world.

Moorefield Girls High School