Classroom Calendars helps to connect schools with families, businesses and the local community, through our annual events planners.

As part of an Australia wide Community Initiative, Classroom Calendars works with schools and local businesses to raise much needed funds and resources and establish valuable linkages within our communities.  So far this initiative has donated over $200,000 in cash donations alone to schools across Australia.

In addition to ongoing financial sponsorship, annual donations and iPads, an important part of this initiative involves the production of annual event planners that are supplied free to staff members, teachers and families from each partnering school.

These planners are not only customized with all of the school’s branding and important event dates, (including fetes, sports days, parent teacher meeting dates, music events and exams) they also include a directory that is sponsored by businesses who wish to support their local school.  

The feedback we get from our busy school families is that they actually love being able to see at a glance, without having to refer to their computer or phone, exactly what is happening each day at school. Many of our teachers use the planners in their classrooms, as time management tools for their students and to increase autonomy, in keeping track of assignments and important school events.

The full colour planners measure approximately 510mm x 740mm in size and are designed to be used as a poster on a wall or fridge door at home and in staff rooms and classrooms throughout the school. With an easy “year at a glance” format and the ability to note reminders, the planners work extremely well as a planning tool in both the home and school.

The opportunities that come from the connection between schools and local businesses have been nothing short of amazing. Those who have fully embraced this wonderful initiative have found the relationships that these connections have created, have gone beyond their expectations.

For our schools the benefits have expanded to include ongoing support and, in some instances, further sponsorship and grants from local businesses, banks and community groups.  Our businesses are recognized on the planners for their valuable contribution to the wider community and this serves as a daily reminder to our school communities, the wonderful businesses who support their school.  

Creation of the planners requires only minimal effort from our schools and businesses. 

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   Mooloolaba State School Sample Events Planner - 510mm x 720mm